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Cyber Security

Much of what we do is done online. Almost everything we create and share is stored online. It’s not difficult to see how this is a treasure trove for cyber criminals, and hacked accounts are discovered almost on a daily basis.

The field of Cyber Security is very broad, and growing by the day. It involves simple procedures like protecting accounts with personal credentials, but also ‘penetration testing’, where (hopefully) ethical hackers try and compromise a system (often without leaving a trace). It’s a complex area.

My pet peeve is people’s online accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, and Google, and how users of those platforms keep their accounts secure. Unfortunately, many people still don’t take it as seriously as they should. They use easy-to-guess passwords and often use the same password across multiple sites. This is a problem because a single compromised account automatically means all accounts are compromised.

I can help individuals and companies set up better ways of managing their credentials. In order to help as many people as possible, I have created the online course ‘Securing your online and social media accounts‘. This course guides you through the steps you need to take in order to create safer online experience. Some of the topics are: creating strong passwords, and keeping track of your passwords (it’s easier than you think).

For companies, it makes more sense to run an in-house workshop, where we go through the steps ‘live’. Participants can simply follow along with what’s happening on-screen, and I can answer any questions right away. If you’re interested in running a workshop, please contact me, and tell me your cyber security needs.

You can watch my talk “Cryptography: so much to learn! (If history is anything to go by)” which I held at DDD Perth 2019 here: