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Modern-day management

While software development is done more and more in an Agile fashion, organisational structures sometimes lag when it comes to management. The insight that the organisation needs to support learning and experimenting to ensure continued success is not new. It is, however, slowly gaining more traction because of the challenges the 21st century poses. True creative thinking does not happen in a hierarchical environment, where command and control still prevail.

In order to stay on top of things, it is necessary to create an environment where people can flourish, ideas can float freely, and it is safe to experiment. It’s Agile to the power of the organisation. This requires a new type of management, where people are not simply told what to do. It is facilitated by, for instance, Management 3.0 practices. Management 3.0 places focus on collaboration, peer-to-peer recognition, true delegation, and happiness at work.

Inspired by business thinkers like Peter Drucker, Niels Pflaeging, and fellow Dutchman Jurgen Appelo, modern day management is based on Systems Thinking. It focuses on networked organisations, which are considered to be living organisms, not machines.

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