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Software development

Over the course of quite a few years, I’ve gathered a lot of experience developing software. I’ve done programming for embedded systems using C and C++, often using Linux. Apart from that, I’ve written mobile apps for Android (Java) for phones and tablets, and web development using PHP and Python running, for instance, on AWS (Amazon Web Services). I like to use methods like TDD and unit testing to build my software right, and take pride in writing readable code. It is for this reason I try to use modern editors like IntelliJ IDEA as much as possible. I have strong problem finding skills, even when the code is new to me.

I prefer working in Agile ways, e.g., using Scrum. Please refer to the Agile section for more information.

If you’re in need of a seasoned software developer to strengthen your team (temporarily or permanently), feel free to reach out. I’d be happy to have a chat to see how I can help. You can also have a look at my online resume.